Dashboard for Managers

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The Dashboard allows admins to easily create, manage and run communities. Admins can effortlessly mass upload, import or create lists of members. Engage with members by curating content from the Dashboard – upload or share posts, start conversations and monitor the activity of your community – all in one place.

Specifically designed for large organizations, clubs and communities.

You have the ability to set up a hierarchy management structure that is customized to your organization.

Direct, personalized and targeted communications to specific communities and individuals.

Scalable & secure with assured confidentiality of information and data.

App Key Features

Create Posts

Engage with your communities by easily sharing pictures, videos and more.

Organise Events

Create calendared events and receive RSVPs – in one place.

Dynamic Newsfeed

Members’ newsfeeds are updated frequently, providing easy access for new content.

Cut Out Noise

Community information in one place – easily filter through groups, activities, and the information you care about.

Mutual Connections

Connect with members in your communities – find others with similar interests.

Never Miss A Thing

Real-time updates on important information, media, events, and notices – all at your fingertips.

App Reviews

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Spotlight Social is a super way to communicate with each other. I started using Spotlight after attending a weekend retreat with new friends I wanted to keep in touch with. It's super easy to use. You simply join a community on the app, and within the community you can chat, upload and share photos, plan following events or in this case retreats and so much more...! Great app for any community!

Very useful App! Highly Recommended

Sheila & Bob Martin

Florence, Alabama

I own a farm called Strange Farms in Ellaville, Georgia. We host numerous retreats every year and every retreat is unique. I absolutely love using Spotlight Social as I create a new community for each retreat at the farm. In each community I can communicate to just those specific guests and they can all communicate with each other. I post the itinerary for the retreat, things to know or expect and provide a gallery where everyone can upload their pics (for all guests to see). The best part about the app is the post retreat coms. All Guests bond and form great relationships at our farm and now they can all stay in touch....This app really is a game-changer for me and all my guests at the farm.

Strange Farms

Jed Strange

Ellaville, Georgia

Really fantastic app! I am a member of a private race track in Atlanta called the Driving Club of Road Atlanta. We use the Spotlight Social App to receive all the push notifications, events and images from the track. We used to use Facebook but this is 10x's better as it's private and just for the track and it's members. Highly recommend using this app if you have a private organization or community.

Private Race Track in Atlanta.

Duke Mowrer

Atlanta, Georgia

This app has worked wonders for our gun club. We used to use WhatsApp which was nice, but Spotlight is so much more effective. What we really like about the app is that is gives you the ability to create a community (our gun club) invite as many members as you would like...(no limit) & then set up your own custom menus in your community. The menus we have set up are, a general chat feed, leaderboard & results, gallery and resources. We love it and will only keep our community growing! Thanks to the entire Spotlight for a great product.

Gun Club

Tony Beaufort

Somerset West, South Africa

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